Important home-cleaning tips to make your HVAC system more efficient


Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to remain effective--and ducted reverse cycle systems are no different. For your unit to generate warm air during winter and cool air during summer, it needs to be in good working condition. You may have already spent time and money having the unit inspected from top to bottom. However, if your home isn't clean, it may affect the efficiency of your unit. Clogged vents, dirty ducts and soiled appliances all affect your ducted reverse cycle system.

20 April 2019

AC Installation Tips: Avoiding Common Setup Mistakes and Inefficiencies


Proper installation of an air conditioning system requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you would like to replace your old and inefficient AC unit, you should choose an HVAC contractor for the process. The professional will ensure that your chosen system is installed correctly, according to the manufacturer's specifications. Their expertise in setup will minimise the risk of malfunctions and promote efficiency. If you are planning on installing your AC as a DIY project, use the tips below to avoid common mistakes which cause inefficiency.

8 February 2019

A Guide on Commercial Refrigeration


For people in the hotel and restaurant business, refrigeration is an essential service that helps improve customer service. A good refrigerator prevents your food from going bad and allows you to serve chilled drinks to your customers. Most business people will buy a commercial refrigerator based on its cost. However, there are many other considerations to make, including; Size. How much food or drinks do you want to store in the unit?

11 December 2018

Sensors for HVAC Systems: What Are They and How Do They Work?


A top concern for anyone installing an HVAC system is that it's working efficiency. More people are looking for air conditioners and heating systems that can get the job done without sending utility bills through the roof. Functionality is also another important factor, with homeowners looking for HVAC systems that can also control humidity and purify air in the home. To satisfy these needs, manufacturers are now installing sensors into their heating and cooling units.

3 October 2018

3 Ways to Extract Maximum Energy Efficiency Out of an Air Conditioner


Air conditioners cool down your home in summers and the reverse cycle versions can heat up the space in winters. But they can use up to 40 percent of a household's energy to heat or cool the place and can push your electricity bills up unprecedentedly. The good news is that you can still use them without consuming too much energy provided you're clever with the way you operate your unit.

26 July 2018

Exploring heating systems commonly used in residential properties


When the weather gets cold, Australians utilise many different methods to heat their homes. The heating method selected will depend on the ability of the system to keep the home warm, its operational cost, and how long the system can be expected to work. Here are some commonly-used HVAC systems in Australian residential properties. Boilers You can think of a boiler as a type of water heater that warms the home through circulating hot water.

5 March 2018

Should You Choose Evaporative Coolers Over Central Air Conditioning?


When it is time to install an air conditioning system for your premises, there are many options to choose from. Two of the most commonly used AC systems are evaporative coolers and central air conditioning. Evaporative cooling is a time-tested cooling mechanism, and it's based on the principle of evaporating warm air resulting in a cooling effect. On the other hand, central air works by passing warm air over a compressor to cool it and channel it back into the home.

28 January 2018

Why You May Be Getting Little to No Air From Your AC Air Supply Registers


As summer temperatures continue to escalate with each passing year, people are adding more demand on their AC systems. Increased hours of AC operation not only results in higher energy bills but also puts a strain on the entire system. As a result, it's no wonder that many people experience problems with their AC systems at the most crucial time—during summer.  Preventative AC maintenance is designed to help prevent problems that may arise out of normal operation of AC systems, but it is not a solution to all AC problems.

4 January 2018

Why Your Air Conditioner Requires Periodic Servicing Throughout the Year


Summer is a time of the year when you need your air conditioning system to be working optimally. So naturally, you are already thinking about calling in an air conditioner technician to provide pre-season maintenance service. But once the hot summer days are gone, it is easy to neglect your air conditioner since you might not need to use it as much when the warm or cold weather sets in. Neglecting your air conditioning equipment during off-seasons can do more harm than good.

25 October 2017

Understanding Air Conditioning Systems


Keeping cool during hot days can make your premises much more comfortable to spend time in. Air conditioning has become a necessity in many homes and businesses, allowing people to cool off from the hot and humid summer air. There are different types of air conditioning systems that are used in homes and buildings. It is important to know the options that are out there in order to make the right decisions for your premises.

20 October 2017