Why Your Air Conditioner Requires Periodic Servicing Throughout the Year


Summer is a time of the year when you need your air conditioning system to be working optimally. So naturally, you are already thinking about calling in an air conditioner technician to provide pre-season maintenance service. But once the hot summer days are gone, it is easy to neglect your air conditioner since you might not need to use it as much when the warm or cold weather sets in. Neglecting your air conditioning equipment during off-seasons can do more harm than good. Read on below to understand why.  

It can undermine AC system performance and increase operation costs.

Only servicing your air conditioner when summer is just around the corner and ignoring the equipment during the winter can create a chance for things to get worse. Like other HVAC equipment, air conditioners develop problems over time due to normal operation. Filters get clogged with dirt, evaporator and condenser coils may become dirty, and some parts become loose while others wear and tear. Continuing to use air conditioners without checking for potential issues can prove to be very costly mistake. Clogged AC filters, for example, will hamper proper air flow within the AC system, in turn, causing your AC system to use up more energy than it should to achieve the desired indoor temperature levels.

It is important that you arrange for regular servicing by a qualified air conditioner technician, as this will help ensure that AC problems are detected early and remedied before they can lead to costlier repairs and system inefficiencies that only cause energy bills to spiral.

It can shorten equipment lifespan.

Your AC unit is pretty much the same as your car in that it requires regular servicing to keep running properly for longer. If the problems affecting the performance of your AC system are left unattended for a long time, they can result in extensive damage, which may be costly to repair but can also reduce the lifespan of the equipment. Your AC unit comprises many different components that work together to give you with cooling service you need on hot days. If a single component is not working correctly, this can have a ripple effect on other components and the entire system, thus shortening the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment

The best way to prep your air conditioning system to function at peak efficiency all the time is to give it maintenance service throughout the year. Most importantly, make sure your equipment is serviced by a qualified AC technician.


25 October 2017

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