A Guide on Commercial Refrigeration


For people in the hotel and restaurant business, refrigeration is an essential service that helps improve customer service. A good refrigerator prevents your food from going bad and allows you to serve chilled drinks to your customers. Most business people will buy a commercial refrigerator based on its cost. However, there are many other considerations to make, including;

Size. How much food or drinks do you want to store in the unit? Think about your future needs while purchasing the fridge.

Space. Do you have sufficient space in your kitchen? Commercial refrigerators come in various designs to minimise wastage of space in the kitchen.

Use. You may need a refrigerator to store drinks, meats, or even for display purposes. Choose a fridge that suits your needs.

Efficiency. Most commercial fridges have an efficiency rating. Choose a refrigerator with an excellent rating to minimise power consumption.

Climate class. Refrigerators operate optimally at specific ambient temperatures. As such, you should know your kitchen temperature before purchasing a commercial refrigerator.

Security. If you plan to store valuable products such as exotic meats or expensive liquor in the fridge, then buy a fridge with a locking mechanism.

Below are some types of commercial refrigerators available in the market. 

Reach-in refrigerators

These are probably the most common commercial refrigerators. They have a vertical design, meaning it is easy to access products in the fridge. Also, they have adjustable shelves, so it is easy to store both large and small items in the unit. 

Under counter refrigerators

These are specially designed for kitchens with limited space. The refrigerator has a hard top that serves as a counter. In such a way, you have easy access to chilled drinks or frozen food as you work. You can also choose to place equipment such as fryers or blenders on the refrigerator's top. 

Display fridges

Display fridges are designed with glass to allow you to display chilled products to your customers. They are the perfect option for butcheries, grocery stores, and sandwich shops. 

Draft Beer Cooler

This is a refrigerator designed to keep beer chilled. The cooler has taps that allow you to draw beer from the keg. It is versatile, as you can store and draw different kinds of beers from the cooler.

Some of the considerations you should make when seeking commercial refrigeration services include size, space, use, efficiency, climate class, and security. Some of the common types of commercial refrigerators include reach-in, under counter, display, and draft beer coolers. 


11 December 2018

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