Why You May Be Getting Little to No Air From Your AC Air Supply Registers


As summer temperatures continue to escalate with each passing year, people are adding more demand on their AC systems. Increased hours of AC operation not only results in higher energy bills but also puts a strain on the entire system. As a result, it's no wonder that many people experience problems with their AC systems at the most crucial time—during summer. 

Preventative AC maintenance is designed to help prevent problems that may arise out of normal operation of AC systems, but it is not a solution to all AC problems. Some AC repair issues are bound to arise at some point and will need to be attended to immediately to restore the AC system to normal function.

Little to no air blowing out of air supply registers is one of the most common problems that people face with their AC systems. This problem is usually an indication of poor airflow and may be caused by many different factors, including but not limited to the following:

Clogged filters: If you're not getting sufficient supply of cool air from your AC system, your air filter could be blocked with dirt. The filter is designed to trap and prevent dust, pollen and other airborne dirt from entering the system. Because of the nature of its job, the filter is bound to get dirty over time and will need to be either cleaned or replaced at some point. If you've been skipping periodic maintenance of your AC unit, you could be facing airflow issues because your filter is clogged.

Obstructed condenser: The condenser has an important role to play in your system's cooling performance because it draws hot refrigerant — the working fluid — from the system and cools it so that the air coming from your air supply registers is cool enough. If your AC system has a condenser unit, which is typically located outside, it is important for you to ensure the unit is kept free of obstruction such as leaves and other debris.

Blocked/leaky air ducts: If you rely on HVAC ductwork to move conditioned air from your AC system to the air supply registers, then it is vital to ensure the ducts are clear and leak-free. The presence of blockages in your ductwork will inhibit proper flow of air while leaks will result in loss of precious conditioned air from your ducts. If you're not getting sufficient airflow from your air supply registers, your ductwork could be blocked or leaky and will need to be checked out.

Obstructed registers: Another likely reason why little to no air may be blowing from your air supply registers is that the registers themselves are blocked. This problem is quite easy to fix. You simply need to ensure all registers (both air supply and air return registers) are open and clear of any obstruction.

With this troubleshooting guide, you may be able to tell why you may be facing airflow issues with your AC system. If you need help getting your AC unit working properly again, contact a contractor who handles air conditioning repairs.


4 January 2018

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