Why Choose Centralized Air Conditioning Over Multi-Split Air Conditioners?


Although portable air conditioning units offer a great deal of versatility and are typically handy for cooling single rooms, most larger buildings and workplaces rely on more substantial installations. Yes, split unit air conditioners also offer a great deal of versatility in motels and buildings which have plenty of external walls, where their inside-outside nature can be exploited easily. That said, many more substantial HVAC systems which provide not only air conditioning but heat and ventilation, too, tend to be supplied as either centralized or multi-split systems. Both offer ducted air conditioning in multiple locations, so why is a centralized system often preferable?

Cool More Space With Less

Centralized air conditioning systems are best at cooling larger spaces or entire buildings. These systems utilize a main unit that sends cool air via ducted air conditioning and vents to every room that needs it. This way, you can ensure a uniform temperature distribution without different multi-split units fighting against one another in adjacent locations because they've been set to different temperatures. Bear in mind that while multi-split air conditioners can cool several rooms simultaneously, they require more air conditioner units, perhaps with two or more on each floor. In short, centralized systems typically provide a more efficient cooling solution in larger buildings.

Less Visual Impact

Because multi-split air conditioning systems need more infrastructure, they can disrupt the visual harmony of a space, especially in interiors that lean towards a minimalist design, for example. Centralized systems, which provide ducted air conditioning from a single unit, offer a cleaner look, maintaining the cohesion of the interior designs. What's more, centralized HVAC systems provide ducted heating, too, doing away with the need to incorporate radiators into the interior design of a building.

Ease of Maintenance

Centralized ducted air conditioning systems may require a little more work from technicians to ensure the ducting is in good order. However, multi-split systems, which have multiple indoor and outdoor units, can present more demanding maintenance challenges overall. After all, centralized air conditioning installations have just one main unit to maintain which is where most of the repair costs and effort will go over the years the system is in use.

Add Property Value

Finally, centralized air conditioning systems can be seen as a desirable feature in both residential homes and commercial premises. Therefore, centralized ducted air conditioning will often enhance a property's value in a way that multi-split systems won't. This is largely because these systems are generally designed for longevity whereas a multi-split installation is likely to need to be replaced sooner than a centralized system would be.

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27 July 2023

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

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