Why Is There Weak Airflow and Inadequate Heating From Your Gas Furnace?


Is your gas furnace not heating your home to the desired temperatures? Does the airflow from your supply vents feel weak? These problems signal faults with your heating system. Weak airflow and inefficient heating can cause the system to perform excessive cycles, leading to mechanical wear on the components. Therefore, you should repair the unit immediately to restore efficient heating. With this in mind, here are four issues that may cause low airflow and inadequate heating in your gas furnace.

19 October 2022

5 Causes Of A Smelly Gas Heater


Foul odours emanating from your gas heater can be a cause for alarm. Knowing the likely cause can ensure you get repairs scheduled before the problem poses a hazard.  1. Fuel Leaks The most alarming heater smell is gas, as it can pose an immediate danger due to its flammability. Natural gas contains additives that give it the distinct sulphurous odour of rotten eggs. The odour can be the result of a leak in the gas line, or it could simply be that the fuel isn't fully combusting due to a malfunction.

21 July 2022

Why Saving on HVAC Maintenance Is a False Economy


Do you believe in the adage that you should "let sleeping dogs lie?" If so, you may take a passive approach to maintenance at home and be perfectly content to let your HVAC system purr away all summer. Yet, this can be dangerous as the system may not run as efficiently as it should and, in the worst-case scenario, could break down altogether. So, why is it better to take a preventative maintenance approach instead?

25 April 2022