Why Is There Weak Airflow and Inadequate Heating From Your Gas Furnace?


Is your gas furnace not heating your home to the desired temperatures? Does the airflow from your supply vents feel weak? These problems signal faults with your heating system. Weak airflow and inefficient heating can cause the system to perform excessive cycles, leading to mechanical wear on the components. Therefore, you should repair the unit immediately to restore efficient heating. With this in mind, here are four issues that may cause low airflow and inadequate heating in your gas furnace.

Leaking flexible ducts

Flexible or flex ducts are commonly used in homes where rigid ductwork would not fit. Unfortunately, the ducts do not hold up to wear and tear as well as metal ducts do. Flexible ducts are thin and highly prone to punctures. Therefore, if sections of your HVAC system have flexible ductwork, you need to check for leaks. Severe leaks in the ducts cause the system to lose heated air. Consequently, the unit will produce less heated air, leading to inadequate heating.

Failing blower motor

Heated air from the furnace is circulated throughout the home by the blower fan and motor. The blower motor turns on the blower fan and regulates its speed. If the motor is faulty, the fan will run at a lower speed than usual and push air into the ductwork at a slower pace. Consequently, the airflow in your ductwork and vents will be low, and your indoor spaces will take longer to warm up. Fix the broken blower motor to restore efficient heating in your home. 

Defective burner in the burner assembly

Your furnace has a burner assembly with one or two burners. Air and fuel combine in the burner and combust to produce heat. If your furnace has two burners, it depends on both to provide adequate heating. Thus, if one burner fails, the system will rely on the other burner to provide heat, which could lead to inefficient heating and low airflow. Replace the defective burner to restore proper heating and protect the furnace components from strain. 

Short-cycling furnace

Short-cycling occurs when a furnace turns off before the end of a heating cycle. When this happens, the furnace fails to heat the home to the pre-set thermostat temperature. As a result, the thermostat signals the furnace to come on again, leading to intermittent operation. If your furnace is turning on and off at unusual intervals, it is overheating due to mechanical strain, electrical faults or airflow blockages. Do not turn on your furnace without fixing the short-cycling issue, as this could damage its components. 

Weak airflow can make indoor spaces uncomfortable during winter. Therefore, repair your gas furnace immediately to improve indoor comfort. Reach out to a professional HVAC contractor for gas heater repair services.



19 October 2022

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