4 Benefits of Installing a Split AC System


The quality of your indoor air depends on the type of air conditioning system that you buy. A functional and efficient air conditioning system keeps the warm, stuffy and dusty air out of your indoor circulation.

The split system is one of the best air conditioner systems in the market. It consists of an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser. The indoor unit, on the other hand, contains the air handler. Here are the four main benefits that come with a split air conditioning unit.

1. It Is Easy to Install

The regular AC system is quite complex to handle. First, you have to map out a network of ducts that will carry the air from the conditioning unit and the rest of the house. You will also need floor registers and a lot of other supporting infrastructure. Because of that, the total cost and time of installing the central system may be overwhelmingly substantial. However, the split system is simple. You only need an indoor unit that connects to an outdoor unit through a tiny opening and an electrical connection to run the system.

2. It Has Greater Energy Efficiency

One of the significant contributors to domestic power bills is the air conditioning system. A central unit uses a lot of electricity to regulate the heat and keep the air fresh. Since part of the split system is outdoors, it does not have to work as hard to keep the home cool. The ductwork associated with other systems leads to a significant energy loss. Therefore, if you choose to switch to the split system, you will get a notable reduction in heating and cooling bills.

3. It Is Hardly Noticeable

Many people worry about appearances when handling their air conditioning systems. Fortunately, the split air conditioning unit is easy to install. You can choose to hang it from the ceiling or the walls. You can also opt for sophisticated wall jackets if you want a unique installation. Naturally, the split system occupies less space and is less obtrusive than the other systems.

4. It Offers Quiet Operation

Everyone wants an air conditioner that functions without adding unnecessary noise to their home. The split air conditioner has a distant humming sound. You will hardly notice its operations as you carry out your activities.

When the time comes to install a split air conditioning system, hire an AC contractor to help you choose a trusted air conditioning brand. They will also handle the installation process professionally for a fresh, cool and comfortable home. Contact an air conditioning installation service for more information. 


19 July 2021

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

Howdy! I'm Hank and I am writing this blog so I can give you the lowdown on the cheapest and most effective ways you can heat or cool your home. I'm not a trained HVAC contractor but my brother is. Last year, I called up my brother and asked him to drive over and install a new HVAC system in my property. The old system wasn't cooling or warming my house and it was making a strange noise. During the installation, my brother gave me lots of great advice and explained exactly what he was doing at each step. I hope you find this information useful.