Does Your Heating Equipment Require Immediate Professional Intervention? Find Out


Just like other electrical appliances, your furnace might break down unexpectedly. When that happens, you will face inconveniences, especially when you wake up in a freezing home without emergency assistance. Luckily, your furnace gives you signs of trouble before it stops working. So, if you understand the symptoms, you will manage to increase the life and efficiency of your heating unit by calling for help immediately.

To know whether your heating system requires immediate professional intervention, look out for the following.

Check the Age of Your Heating Unit

Your furnace's age will disclose whether it needs immediate professional intervention. Most heating systems last between fifteen and twenty years, depending on maintenance. So, if you're using your furnace for the second consecutive decade, it might need repairs to keep it going for a few more years.

Professional HVAC contractors will help you to know whether your heating system can run efficiently for several months without failing. If not, they will replace the faulty parts to ensure that your heating system does not cease to function when you need it the most.

Look Out for Lukewarm Air

If your furnace is producing lukewarm air, check its thermostat settings. Ensure that you've set it at recommended levels depending on the desired temperatures in your house. If they are lower, crank up the thermostat and see whether the quality of air changes. If it does not, your heating system might require immediate repairs or repairs to rectify the specific heating problem.

The heating problem might be arising from an electrical issue, a faulty thermostat, or a damaged fan motor. All these problems need special techniques and a proper understanding of heating unit repair. Therefore, you should leave the repair work in the hands of a professional HVAC contractor. 

Look Out for Bloated Electricity Bills

If your electricity bill has gone up significantly, your heating system might be the reason. But, conversely, an increase in your energy usage without extra usage might indicate that your furnace is overworking to warm your house. And, it means that it needs immediate repairs.

So, if you have been receiving a bloated energy bill for the last few months, call in an experienced HVAC contractor to repair your heating system to stop the extra energy usage.

If you notice any of the signs above, your furnace might die any time soon. So, you must act swiftly by calling in a reputable HVAC contractor to inspect and repair your heating unit before it ceases to function.  


29 April 2021

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

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