The Three Simple Features You Should Consider To Heat And Cool Your Home


Sometimes it can seem like heating and cooling costs make up the bulk of your quarterly electricity costs, and for some families, that may be true. However, this does not have to be the case as home heating and cooling can be done in very efficient ways that do not hit your back pocket all that hard. The trick is to make your home as efficient as possible, and to do that does mean you have to spend a little money, but you quickly earn that upfront cash back (and begin saving hundreds) very quickly. Here are three simple features of a whole-home heating and cooling system that you need.

Double Glazed Windows

While traditionally walls, ceilings and even the floor are insulated to some degree, windows are often single pane with no insulation whatsoever. That means a lot of the hot (or cold air if it is summer) seeps out through these windows during winter. The window does not even have to be open for this heat transfer to be continually working. Double glazing (or triple glazing) adds this layer of insulation so that your windows stop becoming major drains on your heating bill. A fully insulated house is much more able to stand up to both winter and summer, and double glazed windows are often the final piece of the puzzle in that respect.

Ducted Air Conditioning

While split system air conditioners are cheaper, ducted air conditioning is a worthy investment because it will last for years and be far more effective at managing your home's temperature. This is because ducted air conditioning connects to far more rooms, which means that it can lower the overall temperature of the house quicker, as opposed to split systems that only change air temperature in one room. Ducted air conditioning, therefore, uses less energy to heat the whole house, and also allows much more control of individual rooms, making it a far better overall package for your home heating and cooling.

Solar Power

Solar power is becoming cheaper than ever to install, especially with so many government rebates in existence. If you want to power your ducted air conditioning or individual heaters and fans with no guilty conscience, then solar power is how you should do it. All it takes is a few panels on the roof of your home and you will start to generate all the electricity you need for your heating and much, much more. For those that care about not using up unnecessary resources, solar power gives you a guilt-free option to use as much power as you want. 

To learn more about home heating and cooling systems, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.


23 September 2020

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

Howdy! I'm Hank and I am writing this blog so I can give you the lowdown on the cheapest and most effective ways you can heat or cool your home. I'm not a trained HVAC contractor but my brother is. Last year, I called up my brother and asked him to drive over and install a new HVAC system in my property. The old system wasn't cooling or warming my house and it was making a strange noise. During the installation, my brother gave me lots of great advice and explained exactly what he was doing at each step. I hope you find this information useful.