HVAC Cleaning: Why You Should Leave It to a Competent HVAC Technician


It's hard to enjoy good health if the quality of your indoor air is poor. Air quality has been an ongoing problem or challenge in most homes in the country and across the globe, but having a functional residential air conditioner can alleviate this problem completely. Although you can address outdoor air pollution in various ways, regular HVAC cleaning remains the most effective way to improve the quality of your indoor air. You shouldn't start up your air conditioner in spring before an experienced HVAC technician has cleaned it. Here is why professional HVAC cleaning isn't optional:

HVAC Cleaning Eradicates Pests

Pests such as the ants, spiders and roaches can easily end up into the filters and ducts of your AC unit. Spraying insecticides into the unit's air ducts would just kill these pests, but it would not remove them when trapped. A qualified HVAC technician would know the best duct cleaning technique to use to remove the pests trapped in the air conditioning unit. If the pests aren't removed in good time, they would spread to other components of the air conditioner and make it inefficient.

The Air Contains Other "Stuff"

Although the fine particles from outdoors can creep in and get trapped in the air ducts of your air conditioner, other contaminants could also be trapped. Dust mites, pet dander, hair and mould can accumulate in the air ducts over time and cause health issues such as allergies. Other pollutants from the building materials, paints, cleaning solvents and cigarette smoke can build up into the components of your air conditioner if there is no proper ventilation. However, this would not happen if you regularly call in a competent HVAC contractor to inspect your residential air conditioner and offer quality cleaning services.

Indoor Air Pollution Is Minimised

Most people assume that it's only the outdoor air that gets polluted, but this isn't always the case. Efforts to reduce outdoor pollution and lower emissions don't always guarantee clean indoor air. Fine particulate matter may find its way into your house and deteriorate the quality of your indoor air. If you don't call a technician to remove the fine particles in the air conditioner in good time, respiratory health problems won't go away. The particles and dust that get into your air conditioner may come from the construction sites, boilers and vehicle exhaust among other sources. They clog the filters and air ducts of your air conditioner leading to some serious respiratory problems, asthma and allergies.

How functional your residential air conditioner remains will depend on how often it's professionally cleaned. Don't clean it yourself if you don't have the required cleaning skills and tools since you will worsen the situation. Always contact a professional residential air conditioning technician to assess the condition of your air conditioner to know the cleaning and maintenance services required.


12 June 2019

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

Howdy! I'm Hank and I am writing this blog so I can give you the lowdown on the cheapest and most effective ways you can heat or cool your home. I'm not a trained HVAC contractor but my brother is. Last year, I called up my brother and asked him to drive over and install a new HVAC system in my property. The old system wasn't cooling or warming my house and it was making a strange noise. During the installation, my brother gave me lots of great advice and explained exactly what he was doing at each step. I hope you find this information useful.