What Type of Air Conditioning System Is Best for a Home Renovation?


While most buildings in Australia are already equipped with an air conditioning system, this is not always the case. If you've just purchased an older property with a view to renovation, then you may have come across one of those structures that is not already conditioned. What do you need to think about before you actually buy a new system, and what information do you need to gather first?


Did you know that the Australian Bureau of Statistics classifies no fewer than eight different climate zones around the country? This may help you to determine what type of air conditioning system you can get, as manufacturers do tailor their solutions according to this zone analysis. Remember, one part of the country may have particularly warm and humid summers while another area well inland may need to deal with hot and dry alternatives. This may help you choose between getting a ducted, refrigerated air conditioning system or choosing an evaporative technology machine instead.


You may wonder what an evaporative cooler is, and in general, these machines work best in drier climates. They're cheaper to establish and run than refrigerated units and are typically mounted on the roof of the property. These swamp coolers must have a constant flow of air, and you will need to keep windows and doors open if you are going to get the best evaporative effect.


On the other hand, refrigerated systems typically sit outside the home at ground level and rely on a sealed environment instead. In this case, the doors and windows will have to be firmly closed at all times so that the system can cool the air trapped inside before venting the unwanted heat to the outside.

Installation Solutions

Some people choose to install a ducted system to take full advantage of refrigerated air conditioning. You may be able to set up different zones within the home so that some rooms are more conditioned than others or to allow the system to be activated at different times of the day.

It may also be a good idea for you to install an extra humidifier. This can help if you suffer from certain breathing conditions or do not like particularly dry air.

Getting Support

Finally, check with your residential air conditioning company to see what they recommend. When you talk with these professionals, you're bound to find a solution that will make life more bearable in your renovated home.


7 June 2019

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

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