How to Choose a Temporary Commercial Air Conditioner


A temporary cool breeze air conditioner can be what you need to keep jobsites or new offices still under construction cool and comfortable, or to ensure the safety of heat-sensitive equipment that is being temporarily stored at a particular location. You may be surprised to know all your choices and options for a temporary commercial air conditioner, so note a few tips that can help you decide the right type and model, and then you can more readily discuss your cooling needs with a rental agent.

For enclosed rooms

Air conditioners always need a vent to an outside area, so portable or temporary air conditioners that are meant for interior rooms will have a hose that sits in a windowsill for this venting. However, if you need cooling in an enclosed room that doesn't have a window, a split system unit might be an option. This system is what is used in hotels, and it vents through a small hose connected to an opening cut into an exterior wall. This vent hose is very small, so the opening to the wall can be easily patched up after the unit is removed.

Indoor versus outdoor units

Portable air conditioners can actually be designated for outdoor use, for installation under a marquee or in an open warehouse, as examples. These units will have more rugged casters or wheels, so they don't get stuck on uneven concrete flooring or in the soft ground. These are not the best for indoor use, as indoor units may also be more lightweight, with small plastic casters that won't damage carpeted or tiled floor. Be sure you ask for indoor versus an outdoor unit, depending on your intended use, so the unit doesn't damage your office flooring or doesn't get stuck on the pitted surface of a concrete warehouse floor.

Consider the noise

If you're looking to cool a temporary office, meeting room, and the like, be sure to ask for an indoor unit with a quiet fan. Otherwise, your temporary air conditioner may make loud whirring noises as the fan operates, and this could be very distracting in a room where people are trying to concentrate or listen to a speaker.

For crowded areas

If you need a portable unit for a space that will be crowded with people or equipment, be sure to choose a tall unit. A small, boxy unit may have the cool airflow cut off by people or equipment, whereas a taller unit will push that airflow over the crowd or the equipment in front of it, ensuring the entire space is properly cooled.


4 October 2017

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