Different Doors You Could Install In Your Cold Room


Cool rooms are essential if you are in the food and beverage industry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that owners of these spaces will take all measures necessary to ensure their proper care and maintenance. However, one aspect that seems to be overlooked is the mechanism used to access this space. Your choice of doors for your cool room can have a significant effect on the interior temperatures. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you have the right opening and closing mechanism to suit your business' specific requirements. So what are some of the different doors that you could install in your cool room?

Flip-flap cool room doors

These types of doors are fitted with self-closing hinges, which ensures that the doors are never left open accidentally. The doors swing open and shut, but their heavy-duty design means that they will not be prone to premature wear due to constant opening and closing. Flip-flap cool room doors are especially beneficial for commercial kitchens as they will open on cue when approached and immediately close shut once you pass through them. 

Sliding cool room doors

The automation system of this type of cool room doors comprises a chain that is installed on either the left or the right panel of the doors. The sliding doors are designed to slide open when their proximity sensors sense that someone is approaching the doors. Although they do close automatically, the doors will not shut if there is machinery, equipment or personnel standing in the way. This safety feature makes these doors ideal for busy kitchens, as they will greatly minimise the chances of accidents. Sliding cool room doors offer the added benefit of being space saving. Since they do not swing inward or outward, they are great for businesses with limited space in their cold storage.

Hinged cool room doors

These types of doors are one of the most heavy-duty options in the market. They are constructed using premium materials built for durability, making the hinged doors ideal for individuals looking for a robust solution for their cool room. One of the main advantages of hinged cool room doors is the excellent sealing properties that they possess. Therefore, you can be assured that cold air will not be lost through gaps and leaks. Moreover, the hinged doors have superior insulation qualities, which will ensure that no matter how low your preferred temperatures are, will be maintained. 


30 September 2017

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