Commercial Air Conditioning Keeps Your Business Cool and Productive


In a commercial space, keeping a comfortable and healthy environment for both customers and employees is critical. That is why commercial air conditioning is an important part of your daily operations. When the weather is hot and humid, it can affect employee productivity and the appeal of your business towards customers.

With commercial air conditioning, you're able to keep the entire building cool and comfortable. You can also ensure that the air flowing throughout the building is clean and safe, without affecting the health of employees and customers.

  Types of commercial air conditioning

Single room systems

These systems are set up for a divide and rule strategy, where each individual space is fitted with its own air conditioning unit. These units are portable and convenient, while remaining highly effective at providing a cool and comfortable atmosphere. They easily attach to the wall and can dispense air in multiple directions.

Multi-room systems

An efficient solution for cooling multiple rooms is to use a split multi-room system. It works by using only one outdoor air conditioning unit, while attaching many different air conditioning heads to it. Each head can dispense cool air into a separate room while maintaining centralized control. They're a great solution for retail spaces.

Split ducted systems

An excellent choice for most commercial buildings, ducted air conditioning is used to deliver cool air to many different rooms through a series of ducts. Centralized air conditioning units are installed on the roof or outside the premises.

These units then propel cool air through ducts that lead into various rooms. When the cool air comes in, warm air rises to the top and is expelled from the building.

Packaged systems

Packaged systems are a great solution for commercial buildings with limited space. Multiple units can be stacked and compacted to take up as little space as possible, while remaining effective at keeping your establishment cool.

Why Choose commercial air conditioning?

Now that you understand some of the most common commercial air conditioning units, here are reasons why you should resort to these solutions for your business.

  • Improve energy efficiency: commercial air conditioning units are energy efficient solutions. You can increase the comfort of your environment at a reduced cost.
  • Reliable: these units are unlikely to break down often. Seeking the right commercial air conditioning services will also offer superior maintenance options.
  • Maintain a healthier environment: commercial air conditioning improves the quality of indoor air and makes your employees remain healthy.

Professional services: these units often come with the professional services of skilled and trained experts in the field. 


25 September 2017

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