Top Reasons to Install a Ducted Air Conditioner in Your Home


Feeling cool and comfortable on hot sunny days is every home owner's desire. Compared to other types of air conditioners available on the market, ducted air conditioners offer a number of unique features. It has a central unit, which cools air and then supplies it to various rooms in the house via ducts. Air conditioning ducts may run in the ceiling or under the floors of the house. If you are looking to install an air conditioning system to cool your whole house, here are good reasons to install a ducted air conditioner:

Creating a stable and consistent temperature for the whole house:

One of the biggest advantages of using ducted air conditioners is its ability to create stable and consistent temperatures for your whole house. Not only do ducted air conditioners allow for cooling of multiple rooms at the same time, they can also allow for temperature control for individual rooms. This will facilitate efficient cooling of your entire home, depending on various temperature requirements for different rooms. Its flexible design allows for zoning, which makes it possible to optimise temperatures in certain rooms without interfering with the temperature in other rooms. In addition, some ducted air conditioners have a reverse cycle feature, which makes it possible to warm the home during winter weather.

The unobtrusive nature of ducted air conditioning:

Unlike the ductless air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners are inconspicuously installed, making them less prone to interfere with the aesthetics of your home interiors. Using a ducted system would only expose the air supply vents from the ceiling. Hence, you won't have to worry about having an obnoxious system hanging on your walls. Most modern ducted air conditioners operating almost noiselessly, making ducted systems ideal if you want a quiet, relaxing environment. This way, your home will not only look good but also feel peaceful.

Ducted systems are efficient and cost effective in the long run:

Although its upfront cost is high, ducted air conditioners are a cost efficient option in the long term. They cool efficiently, thus allowing you to keep your energy bills down. If your home is large enough to need at least two split systems, installing a single duct system will save you money and space while providing adequate cooling effect for your whole house. 

By installing a ducted air conditioner in your house, you may be pleasantly surprise at just how reliable, unobtrusive and cost-efficient it is to operate. 


16 October 2017

Heating and Cooling Your Home: A Guide

Howdy! I'm Hank and I am writing this blog so I can give you the lowdown on the cheapest and most effective ways you can heat or cool your home. I'm not a trained HVAC contractor but my brother is. Last year, I called up my brother and asked him to drive over and install a new HVAC system in my property. The old system wasn't cooling or warming my house and it was making a strange noise. During the installation, my brother gave me lots of great advice and explained exactly what he was doing at each step. I hope you find this information useful.